To Sting Like A Bee, like the many photo series that came before it, is my way of coping with the scarring images and traumatizing headlines I've seen. Portraiture has become my way of combating media that desensitizes our view of violence against Black individuals. I’m interested in capturing and depicting the resilience of Black people and the beauty that grows as a result. Between the pastel hues and intimate details of this ethereal imagery is a sense of liberation from outside and outdated perceptions of Blackness. These images engage viewers aesthetically through their soft depictions while simultaneously challenging viewers’ unconscious perceptions of Black identity. This series hints at cultural issues, tragic histories, and scars that remain through generations of Black people. In addition, this work exists as a means to both heal Black individuals affected by social injustices as well as visually enlighten those that have enabled these injustices. I'm acknowledging the long fight for justice which truthfully at its core is a fight to exist peacefully and be loved.